8va Including Fanned beaming

I want to mark 8va the notes in the box in the attached image but Dorico doesn’t want to comply. It seems to be something to do with the fanned beaming. If I select the whole fanned group of notes and nothing else, I can mark that 8va, but not just part of it and not it and something else.

Is this a known issue? Are there any potential workarounds?

Atonement_1M1_FNL.dorico.zip (514 KB)

The problem is that Dorico doesn’t allow you to create an octave line that starts in one voice and ends in another in this situation. If you take a look at the attached you’ll see what I’ve done to try to sort this out: I selected the cross-staff passage and reset the notes back to their original staff (Edit > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff), then cut and pasted them from the LH staff to the RH staff. Then I moved the notes that you wanted to show on the LH staff down using M. Now the notes at the end of the bar on the top staff are on the same staff as the notes in the following bar, so selecting all of them and creating an octave line over that range works as you would expect.
Atonement_1M1_FNL.dorico.zip (453 KB)