8va line bug?

I don’t know if it’s something I’m not doing right…
When I add an 8va line, then add a slur to some notes inside the 8va line, the line moves upward. Every time I add a new slur, it moves more. But if I delete it, then create it again, it appears at its correct location again. (See attachment)
Example 8va.zip (1.52 MB)

I can’t reproduce this problem in our current development builds of Dorico, so I suspect that this problem has been fixed since 1.0.30. Although we weren’t aware of this specific problem, we have fixed some problems relating to the code that calculates the minimum allowable distances between items that could potentially account for this.

I had that problem too, and had to use the manual staves positioning in engrave mode to correct that. Glad to know that it has been taken care of, I suspected it was a problem with shift-X text I added… but could be the octava line !