8va line only in full score

Hi there,
is it possible to have a rather high string passage with 8va-line for conductors convenience (readability) in the full score and written out in the part?


I don’t believe there is, you’d have to duplicate something into a “score” and a “part” version for that—be that the part, the flow or the entire file.

This type of feature would be incredibly useful, though, especially In orchestral music.

I can imagine us adding support for this in a future version, though it’s not something we are actively working on right now.

You can almost (but not quite) fake this in 3.5.

Create a playing technique that looks like an 8va line. The only thing that you can’t quite get right is that the continuation will display (8va) instead of (8). There doesn’t seem to be any way to specify a different continuation text.

Add invisible clefs with octave changes in the score, and hide the playing technique in the part.

Yes, I get the impression the Dorico Team has been a little busy lately. :smiley:

Actually you can fake this completely. I hadn’t dug deep enough into the line editor (specifically, the annotations editor) to figure out how to make the continuation text different.