8va on cross staff notes

Trying to recreate the attached passage. It has cross staff triplets and I can’t figure out how to do the 8va on the lower staff without getting a double 8va on the upper staff.
test.dorico.zip (204 KB)

I figured it out. You need to add notes in the lower staff voice for the 8va to take effect on that staff. You can then delete those note(s).
test2.dorico.zip (203 KB)

I had a similar problem trying to change clef in a cross-staff passage and solved it with the same workaround. But it seems somewhat counterintuitive that you have to create notes just to delete them again. Semantically the cross-staff notes might belong to the (in this case) upper staff, but after all, they are notated in the lower, and it should be possible to do whatever one needs to do with them without workarounds. I hope the team will consider this. It might be a detail, but potentially quite an annoying one until you find out how to circumvent it.

If you place the clef/8va in input mode then it has some horizontal positioning information for placement. So it’s more intuitive in this case. Otherwise you need to make rests visible or add a note so you have something to grab onto (that belongs to the staff in question) when placing the clef/8va.

I also found it useful to know that you can move the 8va line using alt-left/right arrow, or extend it using shift-alt-left/right arrow.

Thanks for the workaround. I’d just come across this - trying to change the clef in a passage where every other note is cross staff. Hopefully this and the 8va aspects will be dealt with at some stage.

What I did to work around this was placing an appropriately sized line somewhere else and dropping it into place by Alt-clicking.