8va up to but not including grace notes, then loco

Hi all,

I have a situation where I want 8va up to, but not including grace notes (mid measure). The grace notes should have “loco.” I know I can enter loco with the text shift-x, and that I can slide the end of the 8va mark back in engraver mode. But this is a kludge, as it won’t play back correctly, and Dorico thinks the grace notes are “really” part of the 8va.

Is there a non-kludge way to do this? Maybe it would involve the option of having grace notes before the beat (instead of just the option of before the bar line).

I also assume that 8va, at some point down the line, will have a property option of putting loco following the end.


David Froom

There are a couple of loose ends with octave line creation at the moment, including making sure that they can be started and stopped properly on grace notes. Dorico can handle this from a representation point of view, but not from the user interface at the moment. We will hopefully be able to get back to this relatively soon.

We do also plan to make it possible to add “loco” at the end of the line in due course.

A work round which looks OK and plays back correctly:

  • Edit the last note that will be under the 8va line, to shorten its duration so it is followed by a rest.
  • Create the 8va line (excluding the rest, of course).
  • Edit the note back to its original duration.

Thanks! :smiley:

Clever, Rob!