8vb breaks condensing

If this has been covered already, apologies. When staves contain 8vb marking, the staves do not condense. When 8vb are removed from staves, condensing algorithm recalculates and is condensed as expected. See gif.

note: The example is for study purposes (hence concert pitch and an octave higher).

I was able to get this to work; after putting the 8ba line on Tenor 1, I copied the whole Tenor 1 part onto Tenor 2, and changed the pitch. Success!


My guess (and I’ve not tried this, but it would be consistent with dynamics etc.) is that the reason that Stephen’s version works and theduke’s doesn’t is that in Stephen’s version the two octave lines really are identical. If one octave line is a copy of the other, the start and end positions of each octave line will be identical. If the octave lines are added separately, then if their start or end attachment points differ by even a 1/1024th note, they won’t condense.

I agree with pianoleo. I’ve been caught a few times by this importing XML from Sibelius, which is poor at showing exactly where the end of 8va lines are attached. Often they look correct on the page even though they are attached to a note either side of where they should be.

Condensing two parts where only one was 8va would be confusing, of course.

Thanks everyone for your efforts. I forgot that one Tenor Sax changes to clarinet for a few bars in the middle of the flow. However…once he changes back to Sax, condensing works! I’ve been trying to figure it out, but my head is not making sense of why condensing works after the instrument change effectively stops, but not before the instruments change begins. I’ve included my project file (too large to upload here apparently), if anyone has time to take a look and point me in the right direction, or at least explain why it can’t be achieved, I’d really appreciate it. I now assume it’s something to do with the 8vb running through an instrument change. However, it does condense correctly without the 8vb…

8vb seems to break the condensing when an instrument change is present in the part.

p.s. and interestingly, it condenses and also displays the 8vb fine if Ten Sax 2’s 8vb is removed. But if Ten Sax 1’s 8vb is removed, it still condenses but does not display the 8vb present in Ten Sax 2’s part.


As far as I can tell, Condensing really doesn’t like octave lines that go through instrument changes. The other thing is that you have Notation Options > Condensing set to limit pitch crossing to one crossing per region. My guess is that when you have an octave line on the second Tenor, Dorico in some way sees the whole span of the octave line as one region, rather than breaking the region every time it encounters rests.

If you:
a) cut your octave lines so that separate octave lines span bars 1-80 (both T1+2), 85-98 (T1), end of 98 only (T2, this line should span to the end of the system), beginning of the next system to end of the flow (both T1+2)
b) Allow unlimited pitch crossing
you should get condensing throughout with octave lines showing whenever they should (but with the odd unnecessary line end and 8ba). It’s probably the best compromise for now.

Leo. Honestly. Thank you.