[9.0.10 crash dump] Crash after I dragged zone split up&down

What I did

  1. Added three instrument tracks, routed them to an FX track with Reverence.
  2. I absent mindedly dragged the Lower Zone’s split up and down while in a call.

What happened
3. The UI stopped showing any detail and turned into a minimalist vector UI:

  1. Cubase crashed, hence why I have a crash dump file.

I’d prefer not to keep this crash dump uploaded forever so please tell me when/if it’s collected.

I’m going to remove this crash dump at the end of this week in case it has private info in it.

Did you solve the ‘minimalist GUI’ issue and got it to show normally after the crash?

By “I absent mindedly dragged the Lower Zone’s split up and down while in a call”, do you mean you have the project split and you dragged the Sampler Track to the upper zone of the project and then back?

I have downloaded the dump, but they contain no personal info.

Hi Fabio,

It showed normally afterwards. It was split and I dragged the lower zone with the mixer up and down. It has only happened once but I thought it might expose something interesting in the dump. I cannot replicate it.

Weird, never seen this and also never seen that GUI glitch ‘solve itself’.

The crash occurred after user32 was invoked and Cubase allocated a few memory blocks (ntdll is
what eventually crashed). Might be one of those one-time unpredictable issues, but please report if it ever happens again.

Interesting… I will report it again when I see it.