9.0.20 experience so far?


I will add my 2 cents yet again and say it is working very well as usual here on my new computer but it was a fresh install on Win 10 Pro and Cubase 9. I was hesitating but went for it and added some heavier variants to some tracks to stress them more but it all held up well. No spikes, no stuttering and no freeze ups.

Cubase is stable… it’s the Plugins by Plugin Alliance, which causes crashes and freezing… at least in my case!

Cubase 9.0.20, windows 10 1703 (installed in 2015) Stable as rock!
Plugin alliance,SoundToys, jbridge - no issue, also as many others plugins, updated to lastes versions.
Audio processing - no issue
Rendering - no issue
CPU spikes/peaks - no issue
Crashes - never got

One issue is GUI - but, Steinberg already working on it, so in future with every new patch we will se new GUI fixes(i hope)

I’m pretty sure 80% problems happened because: Unstable Pluging’s, background processes from other software (antiviruses,daemon etc.), and corrupted system files

Sorry, but it’s a known issue: http://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/support.html

Noise and CPU issues in Cubase on Windows
There have been reports of problems from primarily Windows 7 users in Cubase 8.5. These can include audio glitches during playback, brief noise bursts, or host crash / hang.

We are working closely with Steinberg to track down the issue and provide a resolution. Until then, there are a few things you can try to mitigate the problems:

Troubleshoot by temporarily removing any connected USB flash drives from your system.
Try removing the VST3 version of your plugins and only use VST2; you can either do this by manually deleting them from the installation folder (usually ‘Program Files\Common Files\VST3\’), or deselecting the ‘VST3’ option when performing a clean install.
Use legacy versions of your plugins (pre-April 2015). You can obtain these by providing a list of required installers to Tech Support.
Update the drivers for your audio interface.
For users of antivirus software, try disabling real-time scanning.
Please note that some newer plugins will not be available as legacy versions.

If you continue to have issues, please contact Tech Support and be sure to provide as detailed information about your system as possible. The more in-depth information we have concerning your system, the more efficiently we can help solve this issue.

I wish I could be using 9 like I paid for because there are certain features I want. But for some reason it seems to be using dramatically more CPU. Not to mention the fact that when I was on Sierra with 9 I couldn’t use my Apple Magic Mouse 2 because double clicking doesn’t work in Cubase currently. So not a good experience so far.

I noticed some librarys in kontakt 5 load slower, i had to batch-resaved them all considering i have a really strong computer cubase was also crashing when i was trying to EXIT it, so i had to delete ableton which fixed the thing, i don’t need it for now.

But its not a solution as deleting another DAW so cubase don’t crash its a 600 bucks software.

I had the first issue using Cubase 9 today.
Project with only halion sonic SE loaded as rack and one midi track to feed it.
Trying out different bass sounds the mediabay suddenly disappeared, and Cubase was frozen.
It was still playing the loop, so basically the gui froze.

I’m having audio drop-out since 9.0.20…I think that I’ll have to regress to 9.0.10 till they figure it out

EDIT: I updated the eLincenser and all is working well…!

I stopped using NI products with Cubase 9, basically they no longer work, which I attribute to non-compatibility with VST 3.

NI stuff working just fine here.

Audio dropouts and freezes seem to be the order of the day for me. I am back with 9.0.10 for the time being. Having said that the audio dropouts started with Cubase 9???

Two different computers here, with different audio cards and in none of them have I had the slightest problem, which makes me think that the solution from software code to dropouts, spikes and freezes might not be easy to find.

So far so good except for the broken virtual keyboard and the VST Performance needs improvements.

Rock solid for me!

Have you checked your RME/soundcard driver? Is it the latest? Someone else said the difference was night and day for him(between the latest and previous RME driver, that is)

OSX or Win?

CPU usage is much higher with VST’s on OSX. Really want to use 9 but version 8.0.35 is still the best, super responsive and CPU use is excellent.

Very unstable. Crashes and freezes all the time. At the moment I am really frustrated.

I am back with 9.0.10 for the time being. The VST3 / Plugin Alliance problems that were solved with moving to VST 2.4 for those plugins I own was back with a vengeance.

  • Cubase freeze.

Bursts of noise.
While playing back a mix randomly playing other bits of audio additionally.

Of course, all gone in 9.0.10.
I’m on Win10, 64bit, latest drivers, focusrite interfaces.