9.0.20 experience so far?

I had the first issue using Cubase 9 today.
Project with only halion sonic SE loaded as rack and one midi track to feed it.
Trying out different bass sounds the mediabay suddenly disappeared, and Cubase was frozen.
It was still playing the loop, so basically the gui froze.

I’m having audio drop-out since 9.0.20…I think that I’ll have to regress to 9.0.10 till they figure it out

EDIT: I updated the eLincenser and all is working well…!

I stopped using NI products with Cubase 9, basically they no longer work, which I attribute to non-compatibility with VST 3.

NI stuff working just fine here.

Audio dropouts and freezes seem to be the order of the day for me. I am back with 9.0.10 for the time being. Having said that the audio dropouts started with Cubase 9???

Two different computers here, with different audio cards and in none of them have I had the slightest problem, which makes me think that the solution from software code to dropouts, spikes and freezes might not be easy to find.

So far so good except for the broken virtual keyboard and the VST Performance needs improvements.

Rock solid for me!

Have you checked your RME/soundcard driver? Is it the latest? Someone else said the difference was night and day for him(between the latest and previous RME driver, that is)

OSX or Win?

CPU usage is much higher with VST’s on OSX. Really want to use 9 but version 8.0.35 is still the best, super responsive and CPU use is excellent.

Very unstable. Crashes and freezes all the time. At the moment I am really frustrated.

I am back with 9.0.10 for the time being. The VST3 / Plugin Alliance problems that were solved with moving to VST 2.4 for those plugins I own was back with a vengeance.

  • Cubase freeze.

Bursts of noise.
While playing back a mix randomly playing other bits of audio additionally.

Of course, all gone in 9.0.10.
I’m on Win10, 64bit, latest drivers, focusrite interfaces.


There is something wrong with 9.0.20.

Projects created prior to 9.0.20 were playing back with an unusual amount of CPU spikes. I raised the latency to a higher number and that settled it down…but not completely.

I always let a freshly launched Project play through before working on it, so Cubase can roll over the spots where the introduction of some instrument track parts would spike and register, clearing up on the next playback and for the rest of the session. With 9.0.20, this wasn’t happening. And many of these Projects were using less than 8 Instruments and audio combined.

I rolled back to 9.0.10, dropped latency back to it’s smaller setting (192ms), and ran the same tunes. No spikes or dropouts. To me, that’s quantifiable evidence that something is amiss.

This is the first revision of Cubase I’ve had to roll back to in ages and I find it rather disappointing.

I also had to roll back. Crazy interface slowdowns were causing the GUI on some large projects to respond more than a full second after clicking the mouse.

Hoping for Steiny to figure out the Mac interface issues.

My experience too - at least for one of my projects - only seemed to happen on the first playback on .20 though but no sure. No more spikes at least but can’t judge the total CPU consumption without rolling back, which I’m not ready to do yet.

I won’t roll back but these audio glitches when just moving midi notes or scrolling editors, project page are rather annoying but it could be the audio driver (Roland SonicCell) which was not actually made for Windows 10.

My experience too - at least for one of my projects - only seemed to happen on the first playback on .20 though but no sure.

This behavior has been the norm for me since Cubase 7. Typically, I let the Project run through once to let it glitch at various points where different Instrument track parts show up along the timeline…then the next playback is good to go. But not with 9.0.20. The glitches continue until I raise the buffer to what I consider an unusable amount for recording. Rolling back to 9.0.10 fixed the problem for me.

Has anyone noticed that Steinberg has left the the 9.0.10 update link at the top of the forum page? Usually, they remove the previous version from up there. I think they are aware that 9.0.20 is problematic for some (or many) users and left the 9.0.10 link as a safety measure.

I purchased a copy of Cubase 9 Pro and then upgraded to include Groove Agent 4, Halion 6 (with sonic) and Grand Se 3. Then made the mistake of loading Dorico 1 to see what it would be like. Now keep getting a message about Halion Symphonic Orcehestra Factory Presets 1 not being loaded. Uninstalled Dorico and it still appears. Now whenever I try to add a Halion Sonic instrument the whole thing corrupts and and I get the ‘save your project under a different filename and restart’ message. Bitterly disappointed at how unstable Cubase 9 is now.

Anyone have a solution? :frowning:

Exactly the same here.