9.0.20 experience so far?

No issues with 9.0.20 at all today.

I installed the update early this morning and Cubase has been running continuously since while I (on/off) worked a project. I must have mixdowned this project 15 times to get it right (to my ears). Again no issues. I have to say that this project is near completion so I really was not messing too much with adding/changing VSTs. Lots of small tweaks and edits though and, like I said, quite a few mixdowns. During this day long session I did not notice anything that made me think that I should not have installed it.

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Every time I shut down Cubase, I get a “Cubase has stopped working” message from Windows. Never had that before.

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Am I dreaming or are files saving faster now? I have a fairly large template and just working with 9.0.20 today Cubase seems to think for less time when triggering a save.

Well I am back with 9.0.10 as I had 6 freezes in a row on my current project with 9.0.20. Having reinstalled .10 there have been no issues. Which does not lead me to think there are any problems with my set up. Given that I have had no issues in .10 I am staying there for the moment.

Interesting. I must say .10 has been rock solid here. No crashes, and I can leave it idling for hours, then come back and carry on without a single glitch.

Just installed the update (Cubase is running on Windows 7), no problems so far. :slight_smile:

No issues for me so far (I didnt have issues on 9.0.10 either).

A few crashes here, unfortunately, even when simply unloading a VST.

Finding that 9.0.20 is “touchier” than previous version, esp. w vst’s that employ internal oversampling; getting way more drop-outs than with 9.0.10, which seemed more tolerant of operating near the edge. Kind of a drag, tbh.

No problems here, so far no hiccups :neutral_face:

I’m running the latest version of Sierra on a MacBook Pro with Windows slave (VEPro 5).

No problems at all, seems smoother somehow than .010. Also, I like the smaller scaling of the lower zone mixer.


Everything working fine here too.
OK, I only installed it yesterday and the random crashes I used to have on 9.0.1 and 9.0.10 havent happened yet.
Hope it stays that way.

No problems so far.
It’s been smooth ride since CS9 compared to dreadful CS8 (partially fixed in 8.5)
Can’t tell much about new redraw fixes/coding; it might be slightly, slightly better.
Resizing Mixer seems more smooth now.
It’s not the smoothest DAW out there but CS seems snappier then ever.

So, thumb up :slight_smile:

I’m getting a lot of “Cubase Has Stopped Working” on shutdown of projects since this update. I wasn’t seeing ANY of this behavior on Not happy…after being plagued by this on 8.5, Cubase 9 seemed to fix it. Now on it’s back!

Cubase 9.10 was pretty good on the pc side of my mac and now with the update the playhead is as bad as on my mac side. Ugh Steinberg. Back to 9.10 on Windows 8.1

Flawless so far. And they fixed the midi input assignment on imported tracks. :slight_smile:

No problems, neither GUI, crashing or whatever and can confirm, much snappier than ever. 2 year old projects loading much faster than before. Especially the loading of instruments which have heavy loads on data.

I just find it so interesting that people’s experiences of the exact same DAW are drastically different

Well, that’s really surprising. Usually I had never serious issues with SB updates.
But - whatsoever 9.0.20 made - now I had to uninstall even some of my NI (free) plugins to get the parallel installed (but sharing some things for sure) 8.5 working again. Then 9.0.20 was installed and it opens but things are missing in the Mediabay…so I don’t know what to think.
Since I am not a professional music maker or studio owner, my approach will be to wipe off all from SB and start from zero… :frowning:

I stopped using NI plugins the miniute I opened C9 because of UI lagging.

I’m now using only VST 2.4 plugins that have a VST3 version and no lagging whatsoever.

As for these issues around the Cubase UI lagging, try using a CPU with the latest SSE instructions, I did that an no more lagging at all :slight_smile: