9.0.20 experience so far?

Horrible. Random audio dropouts from previously good projects. I am actually hesitant to call this software professional.

I had a real recording session last night(real in the sense of using an improvised vocal booth, talkback, punch ins, cycle recording, take comping, quickly adding backing vocals, trying out different ideas), the works.
I will normally bounce everything to stems to reduce clutter, but I didn’t do that this time, so I had at least 8 VI’s running, plus a bunch of audio tracks.
No problems or hiccups. I even got my copy of Cubase iC Pro to work(shouldn’t work with iOS10.3.2, but it did)
Smooth session. I was able to concentrate on the job, and I had fun too. Lovely.

I’m on OSX 10.10 on a macbook pro.

Like I mentioned in a previous thread, 9.0.20 doesn’t even make it through the plugin scan, so crashes on start up. There isn’t one particular plugin that it crashes with, it just enters that phase of the start up, tries to scan and then crash.

Rolled back 9.0.10 using Time machine and everything is working fine including plugin alliance stuff, powercore stuff via 32bit lives.

Been having this issue too since C7. I think it has nothing to do with C9.0.20
After loading a project the first time, playback will cause CPU Spikes, 2nd time playback: no Spikes.
If I wait like 1-2 Minutes after loading the project, everything Plays back fine.

9.0.20 for me (highly optimized w7 64bit) is like a dream. it may even be as fast as 6.5 now. I can finally work… something I noticed however may help others. When you first start cubase, bring up the media bay. WAIT till it is completely synced with itself… THEN load up your session. YMMV

Early experiences suggest 9.0.2 is going to work very well. Only a menu bar hang issue after clicking “X” to close the application on 1 system of 2 where 9.0.2 is installed. (oddly not exhibited when using File/Quit).

Overall things feel sturdy. Once (after loading 50x soft synths) I have seen the project name vanish from the upper arrange window bar, leaving a blank arrange window bar.

I am fairly confident 9.0.2 is going to work nicely other that these slight issues that have not caused any crashes.

I have slightly worse cpu usage and occasional crashes I never had before. Also a strange problem in the key editor where notes stay coloured black after the playback cursor has passed through them. I’m almost sure I didn’t get that in 9.0.10. Is anybody else experiencing that?

I use Elements on my office imac (late2009), with sierra, and although cubase 9 and sierra is supported, I would not recommend this combo. I get bad slowdowns, and for the first time I have to restart the mac frequently during sessions and more. I have used Elements 7, 8, and 9 and perfomancewise on this mac, I think 8 should be the final version supported on this mac.

I introduced Reason 9 into the equation and things seem to have stabilized considerably.

A great many less audio breakups when moving MIDI notes, which is most welcome but seems counter intuitive when I am using VEPro 6, Cubase 9 and Reason 9 all together!

Now that I’m back in the studio everyday for hours I find Cubase very unstable, crashing, full of bugs again.

I’m pretty happy with it. After some initial bumps with Novation-related software, it’s fine. I really like the zones. I have yet to get into most of the features, but it’s very exciting so far.

The one thing that disappointed me so far is side-chaining Retrologue. It suppose I misunderstood what that was about. I imagined that it would be like side-chaining a compressor, where the behavior of the compressor on a carrier signal (such as a bass guitar) is modulated by the side chain signal (such as a kick drum). In my mind, the carrier would be a retrologue sound, and the modulator would be the the audio input. Thus, a bit like a vocoder. But no. In fact, the MIDI input to retrologue is the modulator. The side-chain signal is really just a replacement for the retrologue oscillator(s) signal. A good thing – for sure, just not what I was imagining. Interesting that the output of an instrument track works as a side chain.

Cane you elaborate? I’m only asking because I’m also on a similar laptop and it’s solid so far for me.

Cubase has been crashing /quit unexpectedly. I’m not sure what the issue is. I removed some recently added plugins last week now I removed those same plugin’s components. I will keep working and see if that makes a difference.

There’s also a bluetooth midi issue. Cubase doesn’t work with bluetooth midi. After purchasing the gear I can’t use it with cubase but it works fine with other DAWs… Therefore Steinberg is behind the game…

Cubase has midi timing issues when you program complex electronic music and go back and forth in the song on top of the trip-outs which make me very frustrated.

Not to mention the other known issues.

It’s been seriously fantastic on my W10 laptop and my W7Pro desktop studio system. Like, I don’t think I’ve had a single crash yet and I’ve been doing some fairly intensive mixes, and also recording/production sessions.

9.0.20 has been a poor experience for me. Not happy, not impressed. Disappointed. Definitely looking at what’s on the other side of the hill right now and evaluating alternatives.

I also came from a superstable cubase 8.5.2 that never crashed to a very unstable 9.0.2. Not so much crashing while working in projects, although it happens a lot more than before, but an almost constant crashfest on closing/opening projects. Also a lot of crashes while changing VSTIs (on new projects made on 9.0.2), and also crashing while working with variaudio. I have as others removed a hole bunch of plugs hoping that would help, but havent found the reason for the crashes yet. The 9 is by far the most unstable cubase version I have ever used, and that include cubase xt, vst4… I save the work after every edit now!

Hi all,
Could you please add some more information about your system? There seem to be issues related to the latest Windows 10 update, NVIDIA drivers and third-party plugins, but in order to reproduce your reports and to provide solutions we will need more details.


I am on mac pro 2012 as signature… I would make a guess that my crashes has something to do with the VSTI. Cubase is really fragile while changing an instrument to another. I have now taken a days job to update all 3 party plugs, and cubase still crash, if I go near the vst-instruments.

Is it happening with all 3rd party VSTis or just specific plugins?

All over I would say. First I thought it was something with kontakt or Kontakt libraries, But I updated and removed all 32 bits I have, but problems continued. It also crash with the new updated halion sonic se, as with UVI and sonivox instruments, all updated to latest version. It doesn´t crash ALL the time, maybe 60% of the time, so I have to hold my breath every time I load/unload an instrument. None of this happened in 8.5 or earlier versions.