9.0.20 experience so far?

There have been some reports about issues with Windows 10 and NVIDIA graphic cards. Which card do you have and what is the version number of the driver?

I have GTX 1070.
I actually have the second newest driver with version number 382.53. They have released a new driver in the end of June 384.76. Will try that one to see if anything changes to the better.

Cubase has been performing great with no major issues / crashes for the last 40 hours in the studio. This is a good sign and I hope it stays stable. Cubase and VST 3 / 2.4. Only in my system did the trick. I also deleted all iOS plugins.

It’s working mostly for me, except the dreaded midi part conversion to drum mapped track when all parts are selected has returned.

It seems like I have solved my stability issues. I installed latest Nvidia driver, clean install and disabled XMP in Bios. Remembered that I had activated XMP at some point to take advantage of the installed high speed RAM. I have been tracking two evenings in a row without a single crash so it looks very promising. This issue can be categorized as user/system config problem and not Cubase issue, as probably majority of the issues are. :wink: Unsure what finally solved the issue, display driver or bios setting, but I´m just happy to have a stable Cubase installation again. Thank you Matthias for your response.

XMP… So you just had an unstable overclock?

Same here, I think this is the best release they’ve brought out so far. Seems to be working very smoothly.

Possibly/most likley but I have not experienced any stability issues with other software running on the system while XMP was enabled.

XMP didn’t cause any freezes or crashes for me, but it did cause audio dropouts in the past (long before Cubase 9). I would recommend anyone having odd performance issues to try turning it off and see if that helps.

108 tracks/channels of all types as of this weekend, more plug ins, more of everything, 8min30sec track almost complete, topping out at 70pct ASIO overhead at the busiest part of the track. Cubase 9.0.2 is solid here.

Stability is supreme here with 9.0.2. Many workflow and usability things in Cubase need some significant work, but it’s very stable and very reliable for me, even on gigantic projects. That’s been the case since I started using Cubase with 8, however, so 9 is simply continuing with that mostly dependable solidity here.

Well, I spoke to soon. Same hang happend again today so XMP or display driver was not the cause of the issues. :frowning: Will have to do some more troubleshooting. Won´t mess up this thread with my issues anymore.

Today I had several crashes (win10 Creators update) using Kontakt’s feature ‘search for missing samples’, for Cubase projects with missing wavs. Latest updates on everything I have checked.


You don’t have to point me to Kontakt support, thanks.

Attitude helps get you places… Not.

For those who may have NVidia driver issues - they released a new driver recently.


If you already knew that, I’m just trying to be helpful.

I´m also experiencing this behavior. Really annoying and I have not found the cause. Suspect it has something to do with GUI engine and GPU driver. do you also have a Nvidia GPU?

Yes using a 1060.
But I suspect mediabay, or halion sonicSE
It has not happened again, and I have used Cubase for many hundreds of hours since.
Still think this is the most solid Cubase ever

JTRake, our computers are pretty close in configuration. I set the build up feb 6 of this year and overclocked it to near 5 gHz from its stock 4.2 and have never had any problems. My ease of operation must clearly be that my tracks have very few plugins and are 70% audio. I’m essentially using a very well equipped tape deck, but it suits my needs with a little overkill thrown in