9.0.20 not showing in Spotlight search (MAC)

Ever since updating to 9.0.20, CP9 doesn’t show up in a spotlight search. I’ve launched CP9 several times and restarted the computer. Still no go. Since I use spotlight to launch apps, this is kind of annoying.

Any ideas or anyone else experience this?

You can get your system to rebuild the spotlight database by dragging the spotlight folder to the trash. It’s hidden at the root of your hard drive so you will have to make it visible first. There are a handful of utilities, some free, on macupdate.com. Tinkertool or Hideswitch for instance.

Once you have trashed it, log out and back in and you can empty the trash, spotlight will rebuild it.

Or you could use Tinkertool System. It has a feature to delete and rebuild spotlight. It costs a few bucks but is a great app for all kinds of maintenance tasks and will allow you to use a few times before buying.

Edit: Just noticed that Onyx (free) has the ablility to rebuild Spotlight too, under Maintenance/Rebuilding. Simpler than Tinkertool System but should do the trick. https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/11582/onyx

fixed, thx.