9.0.20 Update GUI ever more sluggish! Is this a joke?

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Are you serious Steinberg?
This update is even lamer than the last one when it comes to Cubase 9 being extremely sluggish when there’s a bunch of audio tracks in the session. ‘Show event details’ in the preferences has always been unchecked here. Makes zero difference. This is so lame, especially since Steinberg is aware of how bad Cubase 9 GUI performs compared to other DAWS and they haven’t done anything about it. It probably involves a lot of re-programming and they don’t wanna get into it.
Time to jump ship?

It’s getting really sad with Sternberg. They obviously have no proper BETA pipeline of actual PRO users. Not sure what QA is doing over there. I’m getting super worried that we have hit the end of the yellow brick road here.