9.0.30 crashes

I’ve some crashes on 9.0.30 when I tried to open some presets made on earlier version on MasterSection…

I think that to know the cause and find a possible solution, you will need to post the crash reports for PG to analyze.

I’m getting the same. v9.0.30 crashing constantly. Will save some crash reports today.

Providing the preset would help too.

I’m getting a crash every time I ‘edit source’ in the montage. No presets or plugins are loaded.

crashing when switching between master section presets. never happened before.

Wavelab 9.0.30 fails to open one out of three times on my PC. I had to restart my computer to get it to open on more than one occasion. It is also studdering on playback with no plugins on my Mac. Oh well! I may have to go back to 9.0.25

Wavelab 9.0.30 fails to open one out of three times.

Do you have Cubase or Nuendo on the same computer?

Its crash city here. Every 2-3 minutes on simple operations with no plugins loaded. I’ve rolled back the previous version and stability has been restored.


are you speaking about crashes mostly on PC or Mac?


I’m on Mac here.

10.11 or 10.12 ?

Crash report welcome, because no problem here…

I have major issues on both 10.11.6 and my test partition with 10.12.1. Same issues on my studio iMac and MacBook Pro. So I did a complete uninstall and installed v9.0. Everything was fine on 10.11 and 10.12. Upgraded to v9.0.20 and again everything was fine. Due to the complete uninstall then I have no crash logs. Except for a few on 10.12 but I’m assuming they aren’t much use.

Mail? PM? :slight_smile:

Check this out: http://tonekontrol.dk/temp/IMG_2866.MOV

You’ll see that I’m first loading a master section preset that I’ve been using for a long time before the current release.

It will load fine one time but when loading the exact same preset again Wavelab will crash every time - totally reproducible.

I will mail you the crash logs if you wish.

No crashes here on win10x64. Works as expected.

I do not. I have Audition and Sound Forge and Samplitude installed but seldom use them. 9.0.25 seemed to be rock stable on both the PC and the Mac. Now on the PC it fails to open one out of 3 times and studders on the Mac. Any idea of what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lasso,

can you say from which WL version you created these presets?

Thanx and cheers

hard to say - some from the previous, some are earlier.

But just created a test preset and it seems to switch fine between this and one I made on 9.0.30 as well.

However when I then choose an earlier preset it will crash again