9.0.30 crashes

Mail? PM? :slight_smile:

Check this out: http://tonekontrol.dk/temp/IMG_2866.MOV

You’ll see that I’m first loading a master section preset that I’ve been using for a long time before the current release.

It will load fine one time but when loading the exact same preset again Wavelab will crash every time - totally reproducible.

I will mail you the crash logs if you wish.

No crashes here on win10x64. Works as expected.

I do not. I have Audition and Sound Forge and Samplitude installed but seldom use them. 9.0.25 seemed to be rock stable on both the PC and the Mac. Now on the PC it fails to open one out of 3 times and studders on the Mac. Any idea of what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lasso,

can you say from which WL version you created these presets?

Thanx and cheers

hard to say - some from the previous, some are earlier.

But just created a test preset and it seems to switch fine between this and one I made on 9.0.30 as well.

However when I then choose an earlier preset it will crash again

funny - it seems to not crash if I load a “blank” preset first.

I do not. I have Audition and Sound Forge and Samplitude installed but seldom use them. 9.0.25 seemed to be rock stable on both the PC and the Mac. Now on the PC it fails to open one out of 3 times and studders on the Mac. Any idea of what could be causing this?

Try this:
Locate the following file:

C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9\Startup.ini

Add this line:


Does that help? (this disables the WaveLab Exchange feature, that requires some special initialization).


I will do it now and report back. Thanks so much!!!

The “patch” works GREAT. Thanks again!

Yes, it’s the way I use it here now…
I reset the Master Section and open the preset I want and it works good…

There are no crashes on Windoze 7 Professional 32 bit. Solid as.

Here is a crash report. I’ve got a whole load more of those if you need them…


I can make it crash every time by opening Wavelab > new montage > drag in a WAV file and then hitting ‘edit source’.

Wavelab also crashes every 2-3mins just performing normal tasks.

No plugins or presets involved. If I revert back to v9.020 then everything is solid. Exactly the same issue on two separate machines.

I am a new user of Wavelab 9 overall it has been great but since updating to 9.0.30 I have been having crashes, I am on Mac OS X 10.11.6.

I have been having the crash when loading presets in the master section, these are presets made with the previous version.

I have also been having crashes in Audio Montage Clips effects, when either removing effects or changing effect presets.

I have zipped up some crash reports and attached them to this message.


Wavelab 9 crash reports.zip (258 KB)


Thanks for the log, this is an useful one.
If you have similar log that happens with a different procedures in WaveLab, please pass them.
Note: the problem seems to happen because you have some of OSX accessibility option activated. When this happens, some extra stuff happens in WaveLab. The crash happens in such an extra function.


All these crash logs have somehing in common: there is the presence of the same plugins in memory.
nugenaudio, eiosis, sonarworks (not always this last one). They all use the Juce Framework.
Sometimes the crash happens inside those plugins, sometimes not, but then this about memory curruption issues, which could have any origin.
Try to run without the plugins for a while.

Here is another one…


Closing an unsaved montage > selecting no when asked to save it > crash

This is also repeatable.

I can’t think what OSX accessibility option I have on that isn’t standard default. And whatever it is doesn’t have a problem with previous versions. And the option would have to be on both my Macs.

I am using all those plugins in a project I am currently working on, the Nugenaudio and Sonarworks are in the playback section in the master section, I suspect those crashes were when I tried to load a master preset I had saved with the previous version of Wavelab before 9.0.30. That Master preset didn’t crash when I loaded it with the previous version. The Eiosis plugin is in the audio montage clip effects.

The past couple of days I have been working in a different version of the project but with the same plugins, no crashes so far!

I am still getting these crashes even in a new version of the project, one that happens every time is if I change a Audio Montage clip effect to a different plugin, for example it happens every time if I have Eiosis Air Eq loaded and change it to the Ozone 7 EQ, as soon as I click anywhere on Ozone Eq Wavelab crashes. I was doing things like this all the time in Wavelab 9.0.20 and it never crashed once.

I have more crash reports if you want them.


Were these plugins updated since 9.0.20?

No, they are the same versions that were on my system before I bought Wavelab 9 in September. I used these plugins (and the Sonarworks & Nugenaudio mentioned in your posts above) almost daily until Wavelab 9.0.30 was released. I also trialed Wavelab 9 for a month before I bought it, so between August and November using Wavelab 9.0.2 I did not experience a single crash - zero:-) Since Installing 9.0.30 I have 16 crash logs.