9.0.30 plugins refusing to load is back

For the past 6 months I had been rid of the plugin refusing to load .dll load limit. I had attributed it to a Microsoft windows 10 update. I just upgraded to 9.0.30 and brought up a mix I’d been working on with a decent amount of plugins turned on and low and behold it refused to load more new plugin types. I then tried to export the mix and I got an Error (the mp3 .dll wont load).

Any comment on the situation with this from Steinberg?

I’m guessing that you removed some DLLs so you could load more of them, and the update reinstated those missing plugins.

i had that problem and what solved it for me was to lower my undo history in the prefs from inf to like 50 or 100 depending on your system memory

The problem is a Microsoft Windows limit on static library counts on new .dll loads when a plugin is instantiated. It’s a limit for all windows users and seemed to come to the fore last year. I had been taking to Fabio at steinberg about it. 6 months ago it seemed to cure which I attributed to a Microsoft windows 10 update. Today though with the 9.0.30 update it’s back… I may try a rollback

Magic cures in unrelated updates sound less likely than my earlier reply, but ok.

I wasn’t removing .dll files. I was having the problem badly and at some stage around March it seemed to disappear. There seemed no limit to the amount of unique plugins I could load into a mix at that stage where before I met the limit very quickly

I can confirm I am having same issues since latest update. Open some larger projects and I can’t load anymore plugins.

And were you running ok with high plugin loads on windows 10 pre update? Were you on 9.0.20?

Yes and Yes.
I have had this issue before but the details of that time I can’t remember.
Anyways, yes C9 has been excellent and never had this issue in 9.0.2, that is forsure.
I noticed this issue immediately after applying the update. And this is also after a complete 9 reinstall from the Full Cubase 9 installer a few weeks ago, which I also applied the 9.0.2 patch to.
Yesterday I installed the 9.0.3 patch and noticed, and, it’s occurring in any of my larger projects.
I will be seeing what else I can find out it in the coming days.

Did anyone read my reply? Lower your undo history settings

That seemed to fix it for me. Strange issue, maybe as a suggestion SB can make the defualt undo something less than the infinity.

It’s very strange that Undo settings affect this, but maybe this can shine some light on the issue if this wasn’t yet known.

I think CBC loads the undo history in memory,so by putting a cap on it makes sure memory usage doesn’t rise thru the project

Don’t you have 64GB of ram…?

Anyone else to confirm such major issue is solved by lowering undo history? Thanks digitalson for the tip

Preferences > General > Maximum undo steps (say 100)

Back in studio today after a break. I’ll test this undo limit suggestion out the next few days thanks

Back again, I’ve noticed this on some other projects regarless of the undo size.

Huh.i am using jbridge for my plugs,it does take plugs processing away from daw in a way ,don’t know the tech of threading,but when running large projects with tons of plugins they would stop loading even with the 64 gb mem ,so after I did lower it it did stop ,it was after they introduced the mixer undo history,I’ve never seen this before mixer undo ,if I can disable it I would ,stupid feature if u ask me ,they should have put mixer snapshots instead ,anyway now with undo at 100 I don’t see that anymore at all,maybe it is jbridge or not ,maybe someone with it could test it

No Undo lowering does not fix the issue sorry, Just brought up a mix I had been working on and it is refusing to load any more plugins. How can we roll back to 9.0.20.

Jbridge spawns an external process inside which windows will allow another high number of static library dll calls before it maxes out. Using jbridge is a sticky tape workaround to this issue but the issue has been around for at least 1.5 to 2 years now with no exact fix in sight. The cause was known to be a windows limitation that seemed to raise its head. Apparently steinberg were working on it last I was told but nothing has come forward. It’s probably the most serious daw/windows bug since I started using cubase on windows