9.0.30 render in place bug

In a session I have, every time after I use Render In Place, the audio engine quits outputting any sound and Cubase must be closed and re-opened. A midi track will still play back via General MIDI, but the actual audio system doesn’t ouput any sound from VST instruments or audio tracks. Selecting “No Driver” in the audio devices page renders the application unresponsive. I’m using RME HDSPe AIO. I didn’t have this issue in earlier versions of Cubase.

Just opened the same session in Cubase 8.5.0 and did the same procedure and the audio system was fine. Only in 9.0.3 has this happened

Weird, the session that worked in 8.5 can now render just fine in 9.0.30. I will report back if it happens again.