9/16 time beaming question

How can I beam 3 dotted 8th notes together in 9/16 time but still have dotted quarters? I also want eights followed by 16ths beamed together (but not to anything else)

I think you can get 2 out of 3. Not all 3. If you enter the time signature as [9]/16, that will give you the 3 dotted 8ths beamed together and the dotted quarters, but not the 8th/16th beams.

I’d be tempted to use the default 9/16 beaming and manually beam the 3 dotted eighths (select the bar, right click>beaming>beam together)

I tried [3+3 and 6+3] and anything that added up to 9 but never thought about putting just 9 in the . I do have to split the beam for 8th followed by 16th but that’s less of a problem than having to beam everything. (It’s Beethoven’s 32nd piano sonata, 2nd movement).

You could start with [9]/16, then change to 9/16 (and hide the time signature) later on. Best of both worlds.

I’m only 10 days into using dorico and decided to evaluate it by transcribing some complicated scores. Since I think I would like to learn this sonata, transcribing it so I can put it in my iPad nicely formatted for it kills two birds with one stone. I just discovered the hiding of time sigs before I read this. The first ending was 6/16 and the 2nd ending went back to 9/16. There is hope for getting whatever beaming I need. Thanks.