9.1GB Cubase Pro 8 download is just too much

My studio is outside the city in Ireland where broadband speed is at best about 3mb download. Having Cubase as a 9.1gb all in one download is a nightmare. Currently trying to download the OSX version for my Macbook for home work. 22 hours left. It failed yesterday and couldnt wait for it to finish the day before.

Can we separate out the Program core installer from all of the extra stuff thats in this download (Halion sonic content , Groove agent content etc and all of the other add ins). Avid do this with Protools and it makes downloading what your really need fast more possible

+1 it would be a good idea to allow D/L of just the parts you need.

In the meantime It would be a good idea to install a download manager which can recover from a download fail and just pick up where it lost connection. :wink:

+1 on the Download manager

Another bump.

Cubase 7 had a core installer, why is it not offered for v8 is unacceptable.