9.5.1 - Couple of issues...

I’ve been working with 9.5.1 for a couple weeks now. A couple issues are present:

  1. When loading a saved project, the MixConsoles (I use 2) move up on the screen, even though I saved the project with them perfectly positioned for my monitor.

    The top bar of Console 1 is off the screen and I fight with it to get it back on the screen. The bottom console is also moved up for it’s ‘perfect’ location.

  2. Recording a guitar using punch in points… the first time I do a record for a new location, the program does a visual hiccup (freeze type) just as it reaches the punch-in point. It goes back to normal quickly but freaks me out and I can’t play my parts…

  3. This is being addresses (I think) - I can’t print a score… One page is good and the next has only note heads… nothing else. Happens with every ‘Print’ attempt. I went back to 9.0 and it works fine.

OK… that’s enough for now.


This is an known issue.

Could you share a video, please?

This is an known issue for Windows 7. Should be fixed in the upcoming update.

I don’t have video capture on the machine but I’ll try to get you something…