9.5.10 Crash saving audio project with v9.0 tempo map

After much aggravation I finally figured out that my constant crashes when saving a project seems to be due to the tempo map together with audio. The project was originally created in 9.0 with a tempo map created as well. Trying to save the file in 9.5 would crash the program. I then copied each part out and pasted into a new project. For the tempo map I copied all the points and pasted them. Then I could save the project. If I exported the original tempo map and then imported into the newly created project the project would crash when trying to save. I went through all my other 9.0 projects and found that if it was all midi then they saved but for projects with audio saving would crash the program if there was a tempo map already created in 9.0. Strange. The only solution was to copy parts out into a new project and save. I submitted a ticket but no response after a couple of weeks. I guess they are busy with all the other bugs.


Did you check the time format displayed in transport bar ?
I mean, did you try to :

1- open your C9 project in C9.5
2- set the transport time format to Bars+Beats (global left zone) and anything on right zone
3- save

Does it work ?

And then:

1- open the same initial project in C9.5
2- set the time format to “Timecode” (“TC” in transport left zone) AND “Bars+Beats” on right zone
3- save

Does it work for you ?
Can you please let me know as I have a serious similar issue here. Thanks !

I just moved on and created a new project in 9.5 and copied everything over piece by piece. That worked fine for me for any projects that had the issue. I’ve since deleted the old projects so don’t know if your fix would work.

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your reply, I just meant, could you do a test ? As I went deeper in the issue and you seem to have it, could you please do this short test :

  • Open C9, create an empty project
  • Create a Tempo Track, export it (menu ‘File/export/tempo track’) and close C9.
  • Open C9.5, create an empty project
  • Import the Tempo Track (the one you exported) in the current project
  • Set the time format to “TC / Bars+Beats” in transport window (see attached picture below)
  • Save

And tell us what happens then.
Would be great if you could do this little thing and tell us what’s goin’on then, that would be helpful :wink: Thanks!