9.5.10 User Colour Management still a problem

I am still experiencing a LOT of issues regarding colour palettes in this latest cubase. I have created 3 different looks for cubase - for usability as the default is uselessly dark.
Sometimes my colours mix up - a project background from one goes into another. I am assiduous about saving these and copying them for backup. It appears that USERPREFEENCES.xml has a lot to do with it.
I even went so far as doing a fresh install immediately backing up the prefs as *'clean".xml

Is it just me? I can’t believe so. I have no idea how they continue to have a user base sometimes. Yes- this is a partial rant - but I worked in feature film VFX for 15 years using very high end kit at the time - would anyone really think we could have made all those blockbuster films on software like this?
Come on Steinberg. I want to love you, but it’s proving difficult.


Wow, this transparent theme is awesome! :slight_smile: