9.5.2 problems w Groove Agent presets

After installing 9.5.2 Cubase update…I now always keep getting these annoying messages during startup re “missing licenses” for: “Groove Agent Factory BeatAgent Presets” and “Groove Agent Factory set presets” ?? … I’ve tried going to my eLicense control center but…can’t fix the problem! please help

You installed the full version of Groove Agent 4. You don’t have a license for that. You’ll have to either uninstall this content, activate a trial license, or buy it.

Thanks! While on the subject: what exactly is the difference between Groove Agent 4 and “Groove Agent SE4” what is the SE? a smaller version of the app?

Yes… a smaller version with stripped down features and sounds…

see https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vst/groove_agent/line_up.html

The full version of Groove Agent 4 also has almost completely different content compared to Groove Agent SE 4.