9.5.20 issues [solved]

I updated to 9.5.20 last night and cubase became unusable. The opening hub would not open correctly, there were missing file prompts and also missing plug ins. System uninstall and reinstall got it back to working order but without update 9.5.10 which I can not locate. Is update 9.5.10 available? And how will I know when update 9.5.20 is stable?


Try to trash Preferences, please.

I just tried deleting the preferences and still the same lack of results. It also will not recognize my ur824 with the new update. The first error prompt says " media service component is missing"

And with an uninstall of the update and a reinstall of the original version of 9.5 all is back to normal. All plug ins are available, all hardware is recognized and no error prompt at all

Same problem here, Cubase Elements 9.5.2, same warning, no audio card recognized, Aaaaaargh… Do these guys test their updates themselves before releasing it into the wild!!!

Well, they do, because it seems to be working fine for almost everyone.

If possible, try downloading the full installer for your Cubase Elements version from the Steinberg Download Assistant. Uninstall Cubase, then reinstall it again using this full installer.


More info about your system and the conditions would lead to the solution faster than just the angry words.

OS? Audio Device? Driver version? Did you already try recommended steps (trash preferences)? Does it work with other application (with ASIO driver)? Did/Does it work with previous Cubase version? What has been changed (if it worked in the past)?

I just tried the 9.5.21 update and I am having the exact same issues as with 9.5.20 update as stated in my original posts. The UR824 hardware is up to date. The ASIO yamaha driver is up to date. All plug ins and connectivity were reclaimed when the update was uninstalled. I have Windows 10 Home, Intel i5-7600CPU @ 3.50GHz. 32 GB RAM. (Its’s a Sweetwater Creation Station CS400v-5 with extra RAM)
Again…with updates .20 and .21…missing stock plug ins such as the EQ and zero connectivity to my UR824.
With just regular old 9.5.0…everything works, all plug ins are available and full connectivity to the UR824

Try updating the eLicenser Control Center:

If that doesn’t help, I would recommend you to contact support through your MySteinberg because there’s probably something wrong with your setup.

Solved. Settings-Update & Security-Recovery-Reset this PC but keeping files. Reinstalled all software, all updates, all drivers. Everything starts as intended, all plug ins available and full connectivity to the interface. Tedious to say the least but the Flyers dismantling the Rangers kept me entertained.