9.5.20 Performance Issues

Updated this week from 9.5.10 to 9.5.20. This is the first time I’ve found it necessary to report issues after an update. I use 9.5 at work, with no 3rd party plug for basic audio recording and editing. Nothing intensive.

At work, while trimming heads and tails of some radio segments, which I do one track at a time, process, disable the track and reduce its size. Then move on to the next segment. When I reduced the track size, I had a graphics error/blink and I locked the program. First time I ever locked it up doing such low impact work. Very surprising. I re-started, went on to record some more interviews. Didn’t happen again.

Updated my home studio rig same day. Opened a fairly intensive project with 8 or 9 VSTi’s running (Omnisphere, Kontakt5, Stylus, AD, Massive, Retrologue) and experienced audio but no visual metering. I could play but not see anything on the mixer window. I checked my buffer, was still at 26ms/1528 samples. The program then locked up. Did a cold boot, and things were fine. Closed, called it a day.

Today, I opened a heavily VSTi intensive project full of automation, 11 VSTi (Omnisphere, AD, Massive [multiple], Retrologue [multiple], FM8) and heavily processed with Waves, FabFilters and a few others. It would run for a bit, then the meters would stop working. When that occurred, the project window and mixer window would become inactive but I could still play audio.

Another time, I was playing the same song down, everything went inactive again but it kept right on playing. It even started the loop over, but I couldn’t stop the playback without closing via Task Manager.

These songs played perfectly before updating to 9.5.20. One thing I did notice was the performance meter was bouncing erratically since updating which was not the case prior to updating on these two songs.

I’m sharing my experience on this. Is anything like this happening to anyone else? I don’t have a process to repeat this, it’s just happening and it seems to be a bit different each time.

I’m about to uninstall 9.5.20, re-install 9.5.0, then update to 9.5.10. I believe that 9.5.10 will open 9.5.20 project files since it is still 9.5. I hope that is correct. If not, please let me know.

Maybe I had a bad download of the file? I don’t know. Like I said, first time I’ve had no joy with an update.

EDIT: I didn’t see the posts in the 9.5.20 Maintenance update thread above. Just read it. There is nothing about this issue in there. That thread seems to be focused on the Import Tracks from project issue.

EDIT: Uninstalled 9.5.20, installed 9.5.0 then 9.5.10. Everything seemed good. Then, it locked up again while still playing. I had an AD output soloed and was working on a Waves 550B when it locked up. So, it seems this is not the 9.5.20 update causing this.

Two security up dates were installed for Win10 on 3/14:

2018-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64 based Systems (KB4088776)

2018-03 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64 based Systems (KB4088785).

I guess my earlier statement about the songs working in 9.5.10 was somewhat true. Seems this issue I am having happened after the Win10 update. I have not used the system since Tuesday March 13. The Win10 update was March 14.

If anything more happens, and I can be more specific about what I was doing, I’ll update.

EDIT: I was able to repeat the lockup by soloing the kick output of my AD instance, open the Wave 550B and the gui froze again while the music kept playing. I was again unable to stop the music playing with the space bar nor the stop button. Had to kill it using task manager. This in 9.5.10 after the above referenced uninstall of 9.5.20.