9.5.21 download?

Where can I download update version 9.5.21?
To me it seems utterly stupid that customers can’t downgrade with confidence by being able to pick the update version that works best while Steinberg work on fixing problems in future patches.

Sure I should have had a whole folder dedicated to Cubase patches for just an occasion but then it does conveniently ask you if you would like to delete it once installed. In this day and age you would just assume you could downgrade and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE but no…

Can I have a refund on 3 hours of my life please.

…works for me…

Sir you are a legend!
I search the entire of google and the website but found nothing.

For future reference, if you’re on a Mac and you have a backup or Time Machine, just delete the Cubase app in the Applications folder, then copy over the old version Cubase app from the backup. No need to uninstall/reinstall anything.

HarrySound, you’re welcome!
9.5.3 only worked for me after rebuilding my templates from the provided “empty” template.

Is that true? i was thinking about doing that but thought it couldn’t possibly work? Does the update not touch any of the other installed files?

It worked for me :slight_smile:

When you update within the same Cubase version, I’m fairly sure it doesn’t alter any preference files or presets, so the only thing changing is the application itself.

If you’re unsure about trying this, just rename the 9.5.30 app “Cubase 9.5.30” in the Applications folder and copy in 9.5.21, this way you have both to test. I’ve done this with Logic so I was able to have two versions to test.

I’d really really appreciate if someone could share the installer for update 9.5.21, Cubase Elements, Windows.

Edit: Never mind, found it. I replaced ‘30’ with ‘21’, in the link for the last update, and it worked.