9.5.21 slow to respond

I’m getting occasional lags in response time in 9.5.21 which wasn’t there in the previous version. In fact I’ve never had this in any version of cubase.

Something like - hitting the space bar to stop, nothing happens . Pressing again, nothing happens . Few more times - nothing then suddenly Cubase will catch up and start and stop like a loony.

I’ve had the same with zooming in and out and a few other key presses.

Anyone else noticed this?

Cubase 9.5.21, Windows 7 x64

All normal over here.

No such problems here either. Makes me think it might be something else causing that kind of behaviour. Maybe nothing specific to this release? Have you checked that there’s nothing weird going on with MIDI? Maybe a device sending some (unwanted) MIDI messages to Cubase? I had it happen once and was thinking I’m going mad! :open_mouth:

Thanks guys. I have an idea it might be that I bought a new logitech trackball and paired it with the receiver for my keyboard…It’s apparently supposed to be fine but…:wink:

Pretty easy to test that theory…

Cubase 9.5 has been pretty much unusable for me. 9.5.21 is no different. Extremely laggy UI, 1-2 second latency on start / stop. Plugin windows slow to load. Basic functions like “add audio track” slow. Window setups slow to switch on multi-monitor.

Was so bad I decided to check Reaper, Ableton and Studio One demos. No surprise, all other programs are smooth as butter. Instant response for all functions, no UI lag whatsoever. What I didn’t realize was that ALL of these programs are more snappy than I’ve ever experienced in Cubase going back 5+ years. Interesting.

For now I’m sticking with 9.0.40, as it’s workable. But something is definitely up with 9.5. on certain systems.

For the record I’m on Windows 10, i7 8700K, NVMe drive for OS and various SSD drives for projects, sample libraries, etc. 1050TI GPU, 32GB Ram. Cubase should be rocket fast on this system, but 9.5 is laggy af, even in an empty project and doing basic functions. I am speculating that some of this has to do with multi-monitor setup, or severe USB / MIdi device problems, but haven’t had a chance to test with everything disconnected. But all other programs have no problems with the same setup so whatever.

I had a load of problems with my logitech trackball after i bought a usb3 hub. Badly shielded usb3 ports can interfere with wireless devices. As soon as i got rid of the usb3 and went back to a usb2 hub, all was well again.

Thanks - that’s really useful to know. Might try the receiver in a port directly in the PC…

I have the same problem in 9.5.30, I’ve been switch back to 8.5.30
Also to adjust the Gain in a part of a track goes now with Processes, Fine that they have new Direct Offline Processing but leave Adjust Gain and Fade in/out, out of it.
When I have more show stops with 9.5.30 I will change to Studio one.