9.5.30 crashes on project containing flac tracks

I have a project that has two flac files as reference tracks that I have been working on for two years which will no longer open it gives me the same crash log and symptoms of dragging a flac file into a project in 9.5.30. Flac always worked before as I said above this project is a few years old and has been through probably 3 versions of cubase. Help


The FLAC component is broken in C9.5.30 on Mac (are you on Mac?). It has been fixed already and will be part of the next Cubase update.

So far you can copy the component from an older Cubase version (C9.5.20 or C9.0.x).

Is there anything I can do to get my project going again ? I removed the flac files and still it crashes. I have several macs if you can tell me what component or files I need to copy I haven’t updated all of my cubases to 9.5.30.
Thanks in advance,


As I said, use (or delete) an older FLAC component. You can find it in the Applications/Cubase 9.5 {Package Content}/Contents/Components/audiocodecs/xiph.bundle.