9.5.30 to 9.5.40

Twice I updated to 9.5.40. All seemed to go as well. But Cubase still shows 9.5.30. Anyone else?

which cubase version ? i dont see 9.5.40 update for cubase pro in the download section !

Cubase 9.5.30 was the lastest 9.5 release, but Cubase 9.0 lastest service release is 9.0.40

Possible you installed 9.0.40 ? :bulb:

If steinberg release version 9.5.40 going public then this Product page (any version 9.5.X) will display it:

you can show for cubase 9.5.X updates within download assistant to …

Yep, brain fart. Twas, 9.0.40.
Thank you.