9.5.41 Blacklisting Maschine and Komplete Kontrol

I just updated to 9.5.41, it did a VST rescan and blacklisted Maschine, MaschineFX, and Komplete Kontrol.
I’d like to have these work if possible, they worked fine with 9.5.30.
Any ideas?

I reinstalled both, wiped out my AppData plugin XML files to force a rescan and they’re still blacklisted.
Can you roll back an update?

Windows: Control Panel -> Program -> Programs and Features -> View Installed Updates -> Click the Cubase 9.5.41 entry and click Uninstall.

Do these VSTs still work? If so, then just manually remove them from the blacklist.

Regards. :sunglasses:

No, Cubase crashes when I remove them from the blacklist.

Thanks! That almost worked.
I rolled back to 9.5.30 but they were still blacklisted so the 9.5.41 updater must have left something behind that wasn’t tracked.
I rolled back to 9.5.21, same story.
I ended up uninstalling 9.5 and reinstalled, that fixed the problem.
I reapplied the 9.5.30 update, now it looks like I’m back to where I started before I updated to 9.5.41.
That’s a day of production I’ll never get back. :unamused:

It is possible that the problem could be with the NI files. Look carefully to see if you have multiple copies of .dll files being looked at by Cubase. This can happen when the .dll files are moved and then updated in the original location and Cubase has paths to both. Perhaps even try uninstalling the base instruments (not all of the libraries, especially Kontakt as that would take a lot of time).
Lastly, when you uninstall and reinstall Cubase, I don’t think it clears the preferences files. You may need to reset all the preferences.
In fact, if you haven’t tried that yet, I would bet that is the problem.

Thanks, it’s working now. I didn’t touch any of the preference files, that wasn’t the problem. 9.5.41 must have patched a dll that didn’t get rolled back when uninstalling the update. I’m back on 9.5.30 now and it works fine.