9.5.50 Content Load Library Scan each Cubase load

Updated last night - Each time I start Cubase it takes several minutes to scan 44 Content Libraries… which is a major time drag on restarts.

Anyone else have this issue… any fixes?

Hello Mart
Same here - it happened after I update to v 9.5.50
I noticed Cubase was loading significantly slower as a result I used windows system restore and revert to v 9.5.41
All works OK now
I can not comprehend what is happening at Steinberg lately -every single update released in the last 12 months did more harm than good

what has this update actually done for good? Still getting crashes all over the place here

This is supposedly the last maintenance update for 9.5… Steinberg will this be fixed?

I bought C10 in December but have not been able to use it yet either due to its instability and missing workflow features

Crashes every 5 mins or so without fail in my projects at the moment.

For me, it was only on the first start after applying the update that it took longer. Loads now in about 20 seconds every time.

That was exactly my experience: the first start was slow, after that everything is working well :slight_smile:


In the release notes for 9.5.50, it says this:

CAN-19854 Plug-ins are no longer re-scanned due to time changes

… so it might be related to this. If this is true, this will be a fix to one of the most annoying aspects of Cubase for years … namely, that every six months, when the clocks change, all plugins are rescanned. If you have lots and lots of plugins, you could wait hours for this to complete.

It might also have something to do with the fact that in the European Union, there’s a proposal to stop changing the clocks altogether (so-called summertime forever). Whatever the recanning of plugins did, would then never happen again.

No problems here with 77 libraries, NVMe and SSD

First load scanned 54 content taking 20 min. No issue after that.

I’m back on 9 now. Tons of crashes in 9.5.50. Pretty unusable here. I only started using it about a month ago after it started working properly after a year of purchase. I wonder how Steinberg manage this? None of the other software companies whose software I own can do what Steinberg can do. Maybe Steiny could license out this Fup.

Cubase seems to have settled and not doing the scan every start. Not sure why it kept wanting to do it but it has stopped doing so.

jimzepplin. 9.5.50 is pretty stable here on Windows 10 1809