9.5.50 not producing .dmp files on crash

Win 10 (auto updates on so I assume latest build/version, etc)
9.5.50 crashing all the time… most unstable I’ve known cubase to be. Doesn’t even freeze, just literally closes and I’m left looking at my desktop, wanting to smash my monitor… Haha (But seriously, it sucks.). When it crashes it doesn’t seem to produce a .dmp file… anyone know why this is and also why cubase is so bad at the moment?

are you using x86 or x64? or some bridged?

Hi, i dont know tbh.

its seems to be generating them now.

If you can read them can you please advise whats causing the crashes?
Cubase 64bit 2019.3.5 21.29.dmp (1.01 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2019.3.6 22.39.dmp (989 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2019.3.5 21.44.dmp (1.1 MB)

I can’t read them, but you can send them to your Steinberg tickets and they will let you know what plugins or vsts are causing the crashes