9.5. and CMC

can anybody confirm 9.5 is working fully with the lovely little CMC controllers (all of them)? Thanks!

I confirm only for CMC TP (the only CMC I own).

One issue though:

Studio -> Studio Setup -> Devices list -> MIDI Port Setup

deactivate Visible for CMC In port e CMC Out port (there’s no purpose in seeing and selecting the CMC Midi ports anywhere in Cubase), I get a message window, something like “the port is in use and will be disabled…”, I click Ok (the only alternative is Cancel) and then the CMC stops working. So, it seems that for CMC working in C9.5, the CMC Midi ports must be visible. In C9 I could have CMC ports not visible, and still CMC working.

Cmc TP and CH working same as in previous versions, it has always been visible here.
Would be nice to be able to hide it.

CMC integration is the same as previous versions, all CMCs working fine here. Just to avoid inconcistencies, please make sure the firmware is updated (last update is from 2013, so this only applies to people who never did it and still have the factory firmware - and the usual warning: be sure to connect only one CMC devices at a time when updating the firmware).

@Geppastro: that should be the behaviour also in previous versions (just checked against 9.0.30 and 8.5.20).

Kind regards,

thanks to all who replied, and great to hear!

Thanks Fabio, I confirm on my C9 CMC ports are not visible, not a big issue in C9.5 though, maybe it could depend on settings imported from previous versions, i.e. from C8.5 (and from C8 etc.) to C9? For some reason, my C9 settings didn’t get to C9.5. Anyway I’ll send a couple of print screen when I’m back home.

Yep, please do!

Just found the way to make the CMC Midi ports not visible in C95 too! Seems like a (sort of useful) bug, please do not correct it!

  • Studio -> Studio Setup -> Midi Port Setup
  • uncheck Visible for both Steinberg CMC-TP In and Out
  • Studio -> Studio Setup -> Steinberg CMC-TP -> Reset

Result: now in Studio -> Studio Setup -> Midi Port Setup, both Steinberg CMC-TP In and Out have Visible unchecked, but State is Active (before the Reset, State was Inactive). CMC works, but the ports are not visible in Midi track Inspector!! Funny!!

CMC AI working perfect here!

Working great here … I did lose my pad MIDI preset setup though.

have to add that I can’t comment on the AI, don’t have that one… I always thought it was a kind of joke controller.

the big jog wheel (that doubles as a volume controller) alone is worth it!

the big jog wheel (that doubles as a volume controller) alone is worth it!

Exactly why I use it. Works great with Control Room.
The F1-F4 are also very useful for macros. I got it for free too :smiley:

And worth every penny :laughing:

Yes indeed, cheers!!