9.5 automation bug. New points created.

This one is really easy to produce. Create a new project. Add an instrument or audio track. I only tried with instrument but you only need to add two automation points. You don’t need an instrument or parts. Select the two points and move them vertically by dragging at the top of the selection box. Now you have 4 points. Two are where the originals were and there are two more that you are dragging. If you change the value through the fields at the top of the window, you don’t get new points.

Not a bug – this is by design, but it’s unfortunately implemented clumsily. To avoid creating new points (creating new points is what has been requested for years, but what you’re talking about should be adjusted by Steinberg to work in a more intuitive way than what I’m about to tell you), drag up or by from the last automation node, and you’ll need to hold CMD (on Mac) to lock it time-wise.

The way it should work (IMO) is to have a modifier key so that you can move it up and down as you normally would but without creating new points.

NO MODIFIER KEYS PLEASE! I use a cordless trackball and hold it in both hands. That way I can move around and don’t have to be at a desk. I have always thought that modifier keys were a sign of bad design. There seems to be a disconnect between the design and actual use here. They are treating horizontal and vertical movements like they are equivalent and they are completely different things. This really sucks and is a show stopper for me. If they don’t fix this, I guess I will never get past 9.0. I would settle for more precision using the thumbwheel to change the vertical values. That’s the only reason I don’t do it that way, now. Hmm. That’s what really needs to be fixed.

I hear you, but I disagree - mod keys make my life on Cubase super fast; without 'em it’d be quite slow for me. Different strokes, I guess, though yours is a more unusual case. They do need to work a lot of GUI efficiency, though, because Cubase is very click-heavy compared to the other DAWs I’ve used. And if I could use mod keys less I wouldn’t complain – I just don’t know how they would incorporate many of the features I use every day with mod keys.

If a program is designed well, it doesn’t have to use modifier keys. If that’s the only way you have to do things, then, of course, they are essential. I have been playing around with this new feature and I can’t believe it was intended to act as it does. If you select pairs of points and move them so that new ones are created and you continue to select pairs, new and old, then some points don’t move, some do and create new points and some move and don’t create points. Are you supposed to delete the old points when new ones are created?