9.5 Bezier/automation

Hello, I’m on Pro 9,0 and am trying to figure out if it’s worth updating to 9.5. The only new feature I think I may make use of would be the Bezier/automation scaling improvements.

Currently I use the project editor automation to record mod wheel CC#1 changes, and then go back later and scale/tweak it. Selecting a section and scaling isn’t too hard, but I find dealing with individual data points to be kind of a pain, when I’d really like to quickly grab and manipulate a section as a curve. For those of you who have upgraded, do you find that the new Bezier/automation significantly speeds up your automation editing and workflow?

Yes. The curves are extremely flexible and you can make any automation shapes you can think of with only a minimal, manageable amount of points.

And if you record midi CCs directly in the midi clip you can select MIDI/Functions/Extract MIDI Automation to turn your CCs into automation lanes and edit with curves.