9.5 Colours On Automation Lanes Look Grayed Out

In previous versions of Cubase… when there was automation on a lane it appeared in black. AND the nodes always appeared.

=Now= in 9.5 lanes appear in the same grayish colour whether they have automation points or not. And the nodes do NOT appear unless you hover over the lane. So at first glance, you can’t tell if a lane has automation or not without hovering over the lane.

This is BAD.

You can choose the color for the automation lane on the left side of the track where you usually choose colours. I have run into the same problem.

Agreed, I’ve noticed this as well. Let’s hope there’s a fix coming up, as any additional unnecessary hovering is a significant workflow killer, as is needing to change the color of every automation lane yourself in order to make it easily visible like it was.

I advise reporting it in the Issues forum. Things actually do get reported and confirmed there…sometimes. :slight_smile:

??? How exactly? When I change the colour of a parameter (eg. ‘Volume’) it changes the colour for the entire parent track.