9.5 Custom Colours Hue Grayed Out

In Preferences, Colors, Custom, it seems that you can change the Saturation and Brightness of a given setting within the scheme, but NOT the Hue.

You -can- change the Hue for the overall preset, but that changes EVERY option for the colour scheme.

So it seems like yer limited to setting a Hue (eg. ‘Red’) and then each sub-setting has to be within that Hue.

That’s not good for me.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Same here. Cannot get white faders, for example, they have to be grey.

And I cannot get the editors to have a light background! Seems we’re stuck with the dark settings… :-/

I always hated the Orange (now white) Focus selection. I always used it Black. And now, i cannot make it black. The darker I can go is a light grey.