9.5 dongle registration issue(s)


I received my 9.5 pro edition yesterday evening, and i’ve been trying since to get Cubase Pro registered. First of all some issues with Synsopos which i had to resolve using YouTube because of the weird registry entries i had to remove, wouldn’t work otherwise.

Now when opening the eLicencer after rebooting my computer, it shows me a licence, but with a timestamp on it. Only 24 hours and about 15 minutes left according to it. When sending the information to Steinberg, there it says:

Your eLicenser with the number XXXXXXX XXXXXX was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

In the box is no piece of paper nor a card or w/e, i have a sticker on the back of the ‘box’ which shows me a few short numbers, but no serial code nor an activation code or what not… I mean, if steinberg says that with my dongle/serial no valid product of Steinberg is listed, what did i buy for hundreds of euro’s??

In short, nothing i do will get me my cubase pro 9.5 registered with Steinberg and nothing i did so far got me a fully registered product on my computer. Anybody able to give me a few pointers?



Hi and welcome,

Did you buy Cubase from official Steinberg channel/dealer? Was the box closed safely?

As far as I know, the Cubase Pro license is preinstalled on the USB-eLicenser (dongle) coming with the box.

I’m sorry, no one here on the forum can help. Only official Steinberg support. They have to know the USB-eLicenser number to be able to check its history.