9.5 Huge bug with time warp and undo

I was editing a vocal track doing my routine for the past 10 years. I was leveling some words, reducing some breaths and time warping words to better fit the tempo. When I decided I didn’t like what I did, I did some 10-15 undo steps to get back to the starting point. The wav file is now bugged out inside the project. It skips and sounds like it was really badly cut. The wav file is ok when I opened it in an external editor. You can get it back by deleting it inside the project and removing it from the pool and re-import it.

To recreate the problem:

  • Import a wav file, preferably something melodic
  • Do some cut and move, apply time warp with the stretch tool to fill the gaps on different notes
  • Undo to beginning
    The wav is now bugged out

This is a really nasty bug for me.

Can someone confirm this? This is a really bad workflow breaking bug.