9.5 - Issues. I'll start the ball rolling...

After re-loading the same project, the setting is working as expected (albeit colours inverted), but I’m 100% certain when I checked before the setting had also been inverted because my mix was washed out in reverb because the post sends had been swapped to pre.

Confirmed, this is a known issue. [Edit: I found the conversation on the beta forum, my original post is quoted below, I’ll only leave the “beta-discussion” for clarity]

Hi Guys,

please let me explain why we changed it.
In former versions there was no color indication at all for post inserts.
Due to the change in the insert area we used the opportunity to make color indication for post/pre sends and post/pre inserts consistent.
So therefore we changed the pre sends to blue (like it is and was for inserts) and the post sends and post inserts to turquoise.

If you like, you could change the color scheme for pre and post in the color preferences.

Follow-up question: can the background tinting be adjusted?

Reply: No…but we could consider this as a bug.

Thanks for that. Thought I was going crazy for a moment!

MIDI modifier is still not remembering the key of the scale when reloading. Also duplicating a track with these settings (scale and key) the new copy is defaulting back to C even though it shows the intended key.

ie: set scale to Lydian D, then reload the song, it will play back as Lydian C. Same if you duplicate a track with the same settings. In both cases the intended settings display correctly (it shows Lydian D even though it’s playing C.)

Fabio, appreciate you being extra active on the forum during this release. :smiley:

However there are multiple issues being discussed on this thread. You just confirmed one is a known issue, but not which one that issue that is. Can you please clarify?

Hi raino, I was referring to Steve’s post above mine: the issue with the sends colours being inverted.

Choosing Help>Cubase Help from the menubar on a Mac opens up a webpage with the following message:

Sorry, the page cannot be found (404 Error)

We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found. The requested page may have been deleted, moved or the name could have been changed.

Please check the spelling of the URL or check out the link below.

Also, I may be blind, but where have the documentation links gone? Didn’t they used to be under the Help drop-down menu? :confused:

I get a 404 when clicking help. Guess they weren’t quite ready to roll out.

Has the off-center “Cubase Pro” text at the top of the screen (Windows only) ever been considered a bug? Because it’s been driving me crazy for a long while now…

seconded. it seems cosmetic but it’s been driving me crazy since the new system for that was introduced.

Is Cubase Pro 9.5 a separate application or, does it replace Pro 9 ??? Can you still use both
side by side???


Side by side


I believe it’s centered if you consider the left edge to be the end of the menu.

Theres a mixer GUI bug…

This is a known issue, it will be fixed.

Harry Sound. How is your text showing on 2 lines in the mixer? Mine has gone to larger text, 1 line, that out fits the box (Max Zoom in). I liked it going to 2 line as it did before.

Edit: I’ve just noticed you’re using the lower zone mixer. I’ve not looked there, this is on the big mixer.

Plug in manager assaulted my eyes when i opened it. Not sure why it looks like that now, compared to how it did and other new windows.

Same thing here, text is on one line only. Which is bad because I am loosing text. It should do on two lines like before.

Thanks. I found them after a search. But are these not accessible from within the app anymore?! Tell me I’m wrong…just upgraded from 8.5 and I used the links in the help menu a lot to quickly open the manual up.