9.5 key commands not working

So, I have upgraded and I am not getting any key commands. I did the full install and when I go to select other key commands nothing is showing up.
I have artist 9.5. This is why we need a profile manager in every version

You can copy the key commands file manually from the appdata/roaming/cubaseold version folder. Have a loook at the knowledge base for descriptions off settings files and locations. I guess if you’d have just updated normally, it would have taken over your settings automatically.

Yes, I found it by going into my windows search. Oddly enough the presets folder was not even available in the 9.5 version.
For anyone who has this problem copy and past your old presets key command folder from old cubase 9_64 to the new cubase 9.5_64
(Users is my name)

C:\Users\Dallon Ghan\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Presets\KeyCommands

also you’ll need this folder for project preferences

C:\Users\Dallon Ghan\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Presets\Configurations

I had to copy the entire folder because in both instances those folders did not exist in my cubase 9.5

I’m not 100% sure but I remember reading somewhere that Cubase creates that folder when you save some settings, keycommands. That’s why the folder isn’t there for you to copy them into. You wont of saved any in 9.5 yet.

My keycommands loaded automatically. Not sure why Cubase never found yours.