9.5 Key Editor Background Color....

How do you change this so it looks more white like I had it in 9.x? When I go into the preferences to look for color options everything says “AUTO” on the right side but I don’t see a way to change it for the editor background.

Anyone know how to change it to a much lighter color?

Never mind…I figured it out…

Please enlighten me, literally. I don’t like the dark scheme for the piano roll editor.

In C9.5 moved to Preferences -> User Interface -> Custom Colors -> Editor Area Background

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yeah, I bitch endlessly about the reverse image approach to the color scheme. But, if you go to the custom settings you can fix it. You can even swap base hues once you’ve set a previous custom color and it won’t mess with the previous color.

Oh, that’s interesting.

We’ll let ya do it, but we’re gonna make it hard getting there.

So in the custom section, that first block is the base hue. I changed it like 6 times to adjust the rulers and background.

Problem is that even if you set a key editor colour that is to your liking, it is probable that it will interfere with the audio editor sooner or later - as the waveform displayed there will follow your track colour, and cannot be set to override it. Try a nice, bright or medium gray for an audio track- and you get to see - hardly anything, or nothing for the lack of contrast. The whole system is intrinsically incoherent and due to - and this is the important bit - MISSING options to set colours independently, per editor. In the latest update we’ve been given proof that Steinberg does not understand this. Or maybe they do? Maybe a measure to force those who care to Nuendo, for just a small fee on top. It dawns on me, there’s worse to come…