9.5 low cut issue on export

I have a 100+ dance music track project. Unfortunately there seems to be a random problem where my sub bass tracks that have low cuts enabled on the eq have all the low end gone (beyond what the cut would be). when i disabled the low cut and then re-enabled it the low end came back and (so far) it seems like then exporting worked correctly. This is a drag because I have low cuts on probably 70 of these tracks and now I am left with uncertainty if some of them are in fact messing up my mix on export. I just got a track back from the mastering engineer and he is going to have to redo the track because it was an issue that I didn’t catch at first, so this is costing me time and money now.

It’s a tough bug to reproduce obviously.

What I’m having to do is export the track and import the mixdown in to the project and a/b the mix with the bouncedown to make sure that the playback is the same. It’s quite a time and creativity waster.