9.5 Mixconsole History Bug

I’m looking for confirmation. -Please- only post if it’s happening to you.


  1. Like many of you I leave my DAW on 24/7. I save my CPR before retiring, but it’s open. I mention it because I think this is key to the problem.

  2. What I noticed long ago when MixConsole came into being was that the -regular- (not MixConsole) History could get screwed up because of the change in -day-. IOW: It seemed that the ‘counter’ only went up to 23:59:59 and when it got to the next day, it got confused–not incrementing but rather thinking it was starting the same day over and the history would get screwed up. SB fixed it, but this seems like a similar issue.

With a CPR I’ve been working on, I noticed that, at a certain point, the MixConsole History had stopped incrementing; I -think- during the night. IOW: as I changed things in the project the MixConsole History tab stayed the same. So no further entries were being written into that tab. As an experiment, I moved the undo ‘line’ in the MixConsole History tab up one event and I got a dire warning saying something like, ‘This will undo all previous history…’ I went ahead anyway and it indeed screwed up the project, changing the settings on several tracks as if one were at 3:00pm today and another was at 2:15pm yesterday and so forth. Useless.

So… Before I write this up as an ‘Issue’, has anyone else noticed this problem? I’d like to get more specifics if possible to help nail it down.



My CUBASE 9.5 also has this problem.