9.5 Most stable release in years?

Title says it all, really. 4 days without a crash is a record for me in recent years. Congrats Steiny! Seems we’re finally getting there :slight_smile:

no crashes for me either. but several critical bugs made me roll back to 9. first time in 13 years

Direct offline processing crashing hard (DMG equilibrium) here :frowning:
Worked perfectly in 9.030


I had big problems with DOP crashing DMG and Auto-tune amongst others, but when i reset the graphics card settings to default and updated Windows 10 (Fall creators update) all is good :slight_smile:
Not sure what did the trick, but it works now.

My most recent Cubase experiences have been as follows:

Cubase 6/6.5 solid no crashes
Cubase 7 lots of crashes
Cubase 7.5 solid no crashes for 2 years
Cubase Pro 8 only used it a few times so I’m not sure
Cubase Pro 8.5 did not like and many crashes
Cubase Pro 9 not stable many crashes after updates

Cubase Pro 9.5 looks promising but it’s only been a week it’s a bit early to tell for me.
Hope it stays solid after the updates because we all know what could happen after.

C9.5 no crashed expect for the Jbridge 32 plugins, when i rightclick on them they freeze. As far as C9.5 goes, no crashes or errors. More important since C9 no latency problems and no midi timing problems. So at this point C9.5 is stable. And that is great.!

Pretty damn stable here. Got rid of the all 32 bit plugins. Very smooth and solid.

Very stable here also. Feels incredibly solid. It could very well be the most stable release in years!

Today was my first day working all day long and its stable. I had one crash, but maybe a plugin is the reason. Not sure though.
That snappy ui is amazing. 9.03 was veryyy slow

having very irritating issue after updat to 9.5.
There is no audio images on the recorded tracks.
The sound is recorded but shows only a straight line.
BUT i can see audio image in audio editor.
this happens only with old projects.
new projects doesn’t have this issue and works fine.
but i hv lot’s of projects to be done. please help me out…

Crashed here when I tried to render in place 4 tracks at the same time. Had no problem to do that with 8.5. Also buggy with Reason rewired…

YES! for sure.

There’s a thread listing the issue I think you have (see below) along with some suggestions for at least a partial fix which may help you (though not solve the problem completely), Bhavik. Interesting that you say you only see this issue with previously created projects as I see it both old and new.


will check the link.

I’m still getting the crash on ‘hide all automation’. Let see if it’s fixed in a maintenance update.

I had three crashes in 9.5 in a week of use. Poof and gone while playing, on choosing a VI, on close and then stuck.

Let’s get one thing straight:

It’s also about the OS and drivers.

That’s very true. Having a a suitably-spec’d machine with a current stable OS and updated drivers are key factors in performance which doesn’t change the thread starter’s statement - Cubase 9.5 is the most stable release in years!

The new features and stability are much appreciated!!!

For me C9 has been rock solid, not a single crash, it looks like it continues with C9.5.
This is on Windows 10, OS X is another story best forgotten, if the forum comments are any indication.
But I have to say, the single most important thing I have done stability wise. Was to replace my FireWire interface with a RME Raydat PCIE card. Drivers can make a huge difference in how you experience a DAW.

My system hates 9.5 so I don’t agree. If I save unstable projects in 9.5 I can open them just fine in 8.5. Huge disapointment.

Yes, I am loving 9.5 for sure and can only wonder what updates are in the pipeline before V10!

I am using a Kaby Lake dual core, with 8GB RAM, with heaps of samples via VEP6 with UAD2 USB and Motu 8A.

I can get 48 channels i/o for virtual instruments (no audio recording as such so latency is not an issue) and it is solid so thank you to SB.

MIDI records with no lag or early notes, and without any time stamping using a hardware ROMPler so timing is great under 9.5 (has been since 9).

I feel I will be right for the next 6-12 months no matter what MS do to my system, and believe there will be good support from all parties I have hardware from.

Funnily enough, Google Chrome takes up more RAM just for the mixer, than Cubase or VEP, even with the 64 bit audio engine so for my purposes it is very stable, and when I get a proper desktop with more than 1 USB3 port (I’m using an Anker hub as recommended by UAD) I may even be able to record audio with reverb.

Occasionally my Motu stops, and I need to select No Driver and unplug/plug the audio interface but it can work for many hours at a time so by the time my laptop goes back into the office where it belongs I reckon it will be USB all the way (I prefer AMD and there is no thunderbolt there).