9.5 not starting again after closing it

I installed 9.5 pro yesterday. Good to see that playback processing is finally not metered! The reason I bought the upgrade.
After install I lost the pferences fron 9 because during first run it asks for importing settings from 9 but the elincenser overrules it (win10x64).
No problem for me since I know how to deal with setting it to the right path (not default path)

One thing bothers me, when you close wl9.5 and start it again, it doesn’t start. I have to close it first in the task manager and then it starts fine.
Looks like something will still be active in the background when you close it. Never had this issue before. This is on win10x64.

Another bug, when you open wavelab it always reverts to ‘make a new audio file’ instead of just an empty screen where you can open a file.

Forget this, solved.

The first problem is not solved, I was just reminded of it after lunch.
If you close it an reopen, it doesn’t open and you have to kill it first in the taskmanager.

That means, WaveLab did not really quit. To help me understand why, please tell me what you did during the minimum session that causes this.

In this case, just before lunch, I closed wavelab but left the computer on (I switch of equipment and screens during lunch including my lynx hilo).
I close wavelab because also the Hilo is shut down so it loses the connection and wavelab doesn’t like that (logically, no interface).
After lunch I switch the power back on and restart wavelab after the Hilo is started up. Now wavelab doesn’t start and I have to kill it in the taskmanager first. Starts without any problems after that.
Yesterday I was switching between 9 and 9.5 for various settings/checks and a couple of times after I quite WL9.5 I got the same behaviour.