9.5 Not very good for pluggs

During this spring I upgraded from 8 to 9. 9.5 that is. I lost 15-20 of my 64 bit 3. party instruments and pluggs. Now, all of those that Cubase blacklisted work in Logic X (AU version) and in Studio One 3.5 (VST version). All of them also work in Cubase 8/8.5 and in Cubase 9.5 if I put them in BlueCats Patchwork (VST version). Since they all work somehow, it is Cubase 9.5 that is the problem. Cubase 9.5 does not seem to be consistant as to when it will blacklist the VSTs either. CB has been my main DAW up til now. Always used it for my own music and I only used Logic or Studio One when it was a customer demand. Now I think I will switch. The new Studion One 4 looks interesting. Wonder if it will approve my several hundred dollar investments on 3. party pluggs?