9.5 Ozone 5 VST3 Blacklisted

VST3 Ozone 5 is blacklisted working perfectly in 9 anyone? Any advice help appreciated. Loving 9.5 but without Ozone it really will be a no goer.


This isn’t actually ozone, if you look at the file name you’ll see the prefix ‘iZ’ at the start but if you look in your plugins folder you’ll notice there’s also one without the iZ prefix… apparently the ‘iZ’ ones are extra files created by izotope… what for? who knows?..
This is a very common ‘issue’ that was well covered in this post… https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=107163

Thanks Matt, Fabio has just sorted me out LOL. Old age and getting dimmer :blush:

lol no worries… i’m the same these days… new fangled @*&^%$£!! :blush: