9.5 personal criticism

I’ve been a loyal cubase user for a long time, love it, have no intention of going anywhere. That being said, this version of cubase 9.5 is proving to be the giltchyest, buggyest version of cubase I have ever used. Forget all the initial issues I’ve had with simple user interface stuff malfunctioning, It seems everyday I go to do something I used to do and it doesn’t work the same, or has some issue to over come. I go back to version 9 and the problems all disappear. Again I’m all for progress, but wow, I’m not sure this version got the real quality inspection it needed before release. Luckily I still have full functionality with version 9… I love all the new features of 9.5, but the bugs, well I really could do without those….

I am sticking with 9.0 as well. I found a new behavior in 9.5 that I just can’t live with. I am told it is not a bug. I am afraid Cubase and I will have to part ways before too long.